What is Colocation?

Colocation is a hosting solution that is typically adopted by small businesses who desire the functions of a full scale IT department but without the high price tag. Although colocation is most suitable for small businesses, clients may range from individuals or large enterprises, depending on what tasks are needed to be accomplished. The most typical task that is used for colocation is dedicated hosting for websites that require high quality bandwidth and storage options. This is different from dedicated server hosting however. Companies will have preconfigured their website on their server and then send it over to a colocation provider to host in their data center, providing IP addresses, bandwidth, power, security, and support for your server. Under colocation, all of the hardware is owned and managed by you, but you pay for the optimal running conditions that colocation services provide.

While colocaton does cost more than the standard web hosting, it is a cheaper alternative than purchasing bandwidth for your business. Also, web hosting is just one of the many options that colocation is used for, and in almost every other situation, the client is saving a significant amount of money by using colocation. It is very common for companies to save on administrative, power, bandwidth, maintenance, and technical costs, simply by using colocation. Besides saving money on particular endeavors, there are a number of advantages, as well as disadvantages, that will be detailed to provide a holistic and clear picture about colocation. Let's start off with the advantages:

Full control over your server: under colocation, the client is in full ownership and thus control over the server hardware. This is great for scalability because if the server becomes outdated, you can simply upgrade the server. Running out of space? Upgrade the server. Low on memory? Upgrade the server. The main point here is that you have full control over the server, which can be extremely valuable for some businesses. Managed services are also available for companies who don't want to worry about maintenance, for a service cost.

Exceptional security: because colocation services are run through data centers, servers being hosted under colocation have the highest security options available to them. Because these data centers are built specifically for these purposes, the server is stored in a secure environment with security staff present. Can you imagine running a multimillion dollar website from your building and then the server box gets compromised or intruded? Unfortunate events like that won't ever happen when hosted in a data center from a colocation provider.

Excellent uptime: colocation facilities will have maintained outage protection in-case anything happens, to make sure the server is up and running as much as possible. Different providers will have different values of uptime, but for the industry leaders you are looking at a solid 99%+ of uptime. Compared to running a server at a traditional office building, this can not be understated. Colocation facilities invest a lot in back power and power generators to prevent outages.

Location and Remote Acccess: Hosting a server through a colocation provider means that if you are moving your business to another city or even another state, the server can still remain up and running, and maintained through remote access.


Price: If you are seeking colocation services to host a small website or blog, the cost may outweigh the benefits you gain. For most situations, colocation services will actually save money, but if the task at hand is too small in scope, the cost may not be worth it.

Physical Access: Although having the server in an optimal location is mostly a benefit, sometimes you may want to go physically alter your server. This is not a problem if you choose a colocation provider that is within traveling location, but if you don't have any local options for colocation then it can be inconvenient to physically access your server.

Location: If you live far away from large cities with the best colocation facilities, you may have to settle for lower quality colocation. Colocation prices vary from location to location, so if your company operates in an area with weaker technology and/or corporate infrastructure, prices will be higher.

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