Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service defines general rules that must be followed if you have any type of service with us. Click here to read our TOS.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to Cingular, Inc. In our Privacy Policy we let you know what information we collect when you use our products and service, why we collect it, and how we safeguard it. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

Agreeing to our Acceptable Use Policy means that you understand that we do not allow any illegal content or usage associated with any account on our network. This section also covers backup guarantees and abuse and security issues. Click here to read our AUP.

Resource Abuse Policy

The Resource Abuse Policy ensures that our servers remains stable for all users and are free from abuse. Click here to read our RAP.

Mail Policy

We do everything we can to make sure your mail services are working at 100% efficiency, but we do ask some limitations for security purposes. Click here to read our mail policy.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement outlines our network connectivity guarantee, bandwidth policies, hardware service and replacement policies, and any limitations or restrictions that have not been discussed in the TOS or AUP. Click here to read our SLA.

Service Level Agreement - Backup Retention Policy

Addedum to the SLA above which covers backup retention and agreements thereof within. All policies of backup retention and Cingular, Inc. and the Client's obligation of retaining and maintaining backups. lick here to read our Backup Retention SLA.

Service Level Agreement - Ticket Response Time

The following terms and conditions of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) apply to all clients that have a Managed Hosting service level which includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting, on the Cingular, Inc. network, and was purchased directly through Cingular, Inc. Click here to read our Response Time SLA.

DMCA Agreement

Cingular, Inc. takes infringement very seriously, if you believe your rights have been infringed, Click here to read our DMCA agreement.

Defamatory or Libelous Content Policy

Click here to read our Defamatory or Libelous Content Policy.

Company Information

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