Why Choose Cingular?

Founded in 2012, Cingular is a stable, privately held technology provider serving over 1,000 clients across the United States.

Unlike many providers, we stand strongly against the practice of outrageous overselling.

Overselling happens when a hosting company offers unrealistically large and practically impossible hosting plans to attract more customers. They hope the customers won’t try to use the resources promised and will even impose usage restrictions on the customers (such as limiting the number of page hits, limiting the number of files that can be added to the site, restricting use of media files, etc.), to keep the servers up and running.
We will never offer a hosting plan that we cannot support and our servers are always fully equipped to handle our customers’ current and future needs. Plus, our easy to understand Terms of Service agreement is specifically written to protect our customers, not to limit their choices.

We believe that all hosting customers have fundamentally one need—to receive quality, user-friendly hosting and responsive support, at an affordable rate.
We make it our priority to maximize quality, while maintaining an aggressive, competitive pricing structure with flexible configurations.
We recognize the difference between cheap prices and cheap hosting, and we strive to guarantee world class services for our customers at competitive rates.

Instead of renting our servers, we choose to purchase. In doing so, we are free to quickly and seamlessly upgrade to newer technologies as they become available as we are not tied into any long-term contracts
We are able to pass this flexibility onto our customers, who are free to instantly upgrade or downgrade as their needs change.

Our Data Center facility location in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) is one of the most secure data center's in the nation. We offer fast, reliable services with everything you need to operate efficiently and reliably on the internet. Our facilities are served by the following Internet Backbones; Level3, Time Warner, Comcast, at&t, FPL FiberNet, Qwest, Verizon, deltacom, AboveNet, Earthlink and cogent.

Company Information

Cingular, Inc.
121 South Orange Ave
Suite 1500
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (321) 473-6400
Toll Free: (855) 694-8489